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'Our mission is to share RESET's services with Vietnam'


Managing Director

Oanh quickly realized as a Personal Trainer for one of Vietnam's largest gym names, that for many people in their later years of life, no matter how hard they trained, how many supplements they took, or how much they invested in cosmetic surgery, their fat burning metabolism rarely changed or their youthful looks restore. Oanh realized there was more to staying healthy and feeling young again beyond only movement and what you eat. This desire to know and understand more drives Oanh's passion for the answers and the science behind it!

Ian Mayne Cunningham

Group Operations & Development Director

Introduced to Infrared Saunas in 2011, following health issues,   the benefits of Infrared were immediate and life changing. This began a journey that would eventually bring Ian to Vietnam in 2016.

Opening Vietnam's 1st Infrared Wellness Center in 2017 inspired by a passion to share his knowledge.

 "Our fast paced indoor lifestyles combined with the technology we now all use  daily, disrupts sleep and our ability to restore mentally and physically. This leads to premature aging.

RESET harnesses the natural elements of Oxygen,  Water, Light and Sound to mitigate the effects of city living, restoring balance, homeostasis and peak performance."

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