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The Light That Enters Your Eye, Your Ability to Sleep Well and Obesity

Sleep is controlled by light as the key zeitgeber. Food gurus want you to believe health is all about food because that is where their knowledge ends. Sleep is more critical as a diet because it controls Mitophagy

(selective degradation of mitochondria) and Apoptosis (death of cells which occurs as a normal and controlled part of an organism's growth or development.) efficiency in your colony of mitochondria. Not one food can CLAIM the same. Less sleep causes insulin resistance, lowers glucose tolerance and leads to obesity. Artificial light anytime causes insulin resistance and rises in blood glucose.

If you're not sleeping enough and eating a diet full of junk, you're asking to destroy your health quickly. Diets cannot repair a quantum problem tied to your light environment.

(Dr Jack Kruse; Neurosurgeon USA - Jan 2021)

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