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Benefits of Infrared




In 2016 natural light was

 shown to activate 

Mitochondrial performance and mobilize T-Cell Function through the skin. Infrared light  (not UV) improves overall immune system (T-Cells) function &






Raise your core temperature, agitate your fat cells , release stored toxins including heavy metals at a cellular level via sweat




Activate parasympathetic dominance, remove stress, improve sleep, increase circulation, RESET your day





Near-Infrared increases natural collagen production by 200%, reducing wrinkles and lines in the dermal layer

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 5.15.48 pm (1)




Increase circulation,



increase rapid muscle recovery


  • What time do we open?
    We are open at 7.30am - 21:00pm - 7 Days
  • Appointment Pricing ?
    You pre-purchase points which can can be used across all our elements. A single point can be as low as 450.000 d. up to 800.000 d. depending on the package of points purchased.
  • Do I need to book an appointment?
    You can drop in at anytime, but we recommend booking your session in advance. Without a booking you may need to wait up to 60 minutes depending on demand and time of day.
  • How do I book a Session?
    You can book through the following ways... Download our Mindbody App on your phone here...just click the image below... 2. From the RESET website 3. Through our RESET Facebook Page @resetsofitel 4. Phone and book directly on 028 226 444 66 5. Walk in and Book in person
  • How long is a session?
    Single Session times range from 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes. The Total RESET is 3 Hours.
  • Do you have Discounts or Promotions?
    I'm sorry we don't discount, but we do have cost savings packages and introduction Specials of " GET 5 SESSIONS But Only Pay for 4 Sessions"
  • Do I Need To Wear Anything Special or Bring Anything With Me?
    We recommend wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing or gym wear. We supply all things you will require like Fresh Towels, Water, lockers, showers and men's and womens change rooms.
  • Where to park my car or scooter ?
    Yes. We have FREE SECURITY PARKING for Cars and Bikes. Please don't forget to pick up your Free Ticket from RESET Reception!
  • What does RESET do?
    We restore your body's natural balance and wellbeing after living in the City.
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