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RESET Private Wellness Club: Saigon’s Oasis of Health

Are you feeling exhausted from city living? You’re not alone!

Most of us spend our days rushing from one appointment to the next, battling intense traffic and inadvertently consuming heavy amounts of toxins that accumulate in urban environments. Whether it’s water quality, air pollution, or psychological stress, many of us are too busy to think about these constant buildups of toxic materials, much less slowing down or setting aside time for self-care.

RESET Private Wellness Club provides advanced restorative treatments with experiences that accommodate any busy schedule. Whether you’ve only got 30 minutes to spare, or you’re ready for a 3-hour Total RESET, you’ll immediately feel the rejuvenating impact from RESET’s three signature elements that are more hygienic and less intrusive than a spa.

RESET is perfect for anyone looking for sleep improvement, pain relief, recovery from injuries and exercise, or just some well-deserved and much-needed relaxation. You can reap all these benefits and more from our services which use science and technology to restore a healthy balance to your body.

NuCalm: restore sleep, naturally

For anyone who struggles with adequate sleep, our private NuCalm is a godsend. Utilizing specific sonic frequencies, NuCalm is a 3-part system using a slow wave 4Hz frequency that starts working in seconds and restores hours of lost sleep in just a few minutes.

NuCalm helps you restore a natural sleep cycle with benefits that last beyond your session at RESET. You’ll experience the impacts over time as your body’s 20 trillion cells clean and restore—something they can only do during periods of deep sleep.

Because of its rapid effects, NuCalm is a perfect midday boost for working professionals who have very little time for rest but need an energizing treatment to keep them going for the rest of the day. NuCalm delivers in as little as 20 minutes with a powerful boost to your body’s wellness and health that you will feel for hours and with a few sessions will notice significant ongoing improvements to your sleep hygiene.

Sunlighten Infrared Sauna: toxins begone

Sweat out your stress with the Sunlighten Infrared Sauna at RESET. Beyond just warming up your body, infrared waves have been shown to activate Mitochondrial performance and mobilize T-Cell Function through the skin, which improves overall immune system function and homeostasis.

Since infrared waves stimulate your body at a cellular level, you’ll sweat out deep toxins at a cellular level, which in turn reduces stress and can even improve your sleep cycle. It’s also great for your skin, increasing natural collagen production which reduces lines and wrinkles, as well as boosting circulation and reducing inflammation which stimulates rapid muscle recovery.

The Sunlighten Infrared Sauna goes beyond ordinary heating by harnessing the power of infrared waves to maximize your body’s healing response, without heating up the environment. You’ll feel the heat in your body as you sweat more while the air around you remains comfortable and cool. It’s the ultimate toxin release treatment for anyone who lives in a polluted urban environment.

Airpod: next level healing and anti-aging

Take your recovery to the next level with anti-aging and a cellular detox made possible by the hyperbaric treatment from our private Airpod Hydroxy Bathing. This hyperbaric chamber gradually increases your blood oxygen levels over the course of the treatment to 35%, which helps oxygen-rich plasma reach areas of inflammation in your body to reduce pain while promoting quicker recovery and healing.

In a 2020 study conducted in Israel, researchers provided hyperbaric treatments to 64+ year olds for 60 days and found that they had increased the length of their DNA Telomeres within their cells to that of people 20 years younger in age. Airpod Hydroxy Bathing makes this same element available to you only at RESET.

RESET your health today

RESET Private Wellness Club is an oasis in Saigon’s bustling city center that gives you the ability to maintain previously unattainable levels of balance, health, energy, and anti-aging benefits. Take just a few minutes of your day to see results, or enjoy a Total RESET—a 3 hour session that gives you the accumulated benefits of all three elements.

NuCalm’s sleep restoration gives you an energy and focus boost that helps you tackle any challenge the week might throw at you. Our Private Sunlighten Infrared Saunas clear out your body’s buildup of toxins that accumulate over time, especially in a polluted city environment. Airpod Hydroxy Bathing’s healing and anti-aging effects help you recover quickly and stay young and healthy down to a cellular and DNA level.

Choose one or all three of our elements and start seeing the impact it can have in your day-to-day life. While some of us might be looking for new advanced treatments for bodily recovery, healing, and pain relief, others of us might just need a few moments of zen from time to time. Whatever your preferences or needs, RESET offers advanced solutions with real, scientifically proven results.

Visit our website for more information, and schedule your RESET today.


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