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Why 'Flight Mode' Is Wise When 'It's' In Your Pocket and Talking With It Up To Your Head Is Not...

Results of the 2018 Mobile Phone NTP Study commissioned by the U.S. Government you probably didn't hear about...

Phone in Airplane Mode
Bio-Hack your phone by using Flight Mode

We all love the convenience of being contactable by anyone, anytime (I think?) and certainly the benefits of having camera and video at our fingertips is very handy, but with the benefits of our mobile technology, it pays to understand how we can protect ourselves from the hazards.

Prior to 2015, the US Government commissioned a study on the safety of mobile phones that operated on only the 2G and 3G Radio Frequency Networks (we are now using 4G and 5G). When the results of the study came back in 2015, for some reason they sent it back out for further research for another 3 years. When the results returned in 2018, you can see why they were not exactly publicized.

Just remember the best way to bio-hack your phone for safety is Airplane Mode...


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