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The Importance of Vitamin D, the Connection to Covid CoV-2 and Living Longer...compliments of Sweden

We’ve known for some time that Vitamin D plays a critical role in health, particularly when it comes to the immune system. The COVID epidemic has certainly substantiated Vitamin D’s role in immune health.

In 'eye opening' research, a September 2020 cohort study of 489 patients who had Vitamin D tests conducted prior to COVID diagnoses, found those who were deficient in Vitamin D were 77% more likely to contract COVID. In October, another study looked at 216 patients, and found that 82.2% of people with COVID-19 were deficient in Vitamin D. And lastly, a November 2020 analysis of 154 patients with COVID found that almost 60% of those admitted were low in Vitamin D. Even more telling? Only 32.96% of asymptomatic patients were deficient in Vitamin D, compared to a whopping 96.82% in those who experienced severe COVID symptoms! In other words, being deficient in Vitamin D predicted a much worse outcome in those who contracted the virus. The fatality rate was also 21% in vitamin D deficient individuals, versus 3.1% in those not deficient. With these findings, the study recommended “mass administration of vitamin D supplements to population at risk for COVID-19.” A large percentage of the population already presented with Vitamin D deficiency prior to the pandemic, while 2020’s quarantine likely exacerbated that problem. So, it may come as no surprise that the key to welcoming back proverbial sunshine into our lives may be literal sunshine! Our bodies naturally generate vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, so sensible sun exposure will boost our resilience by building up our interior stores of the hormone. You can use an app like D Minder ( to ascertain the perfect outdoor timing for optimal Vitamin D generation, based on your location, body type, and time of day.

How Is Vitamin D made in the body

Vitamin D is made endogenously through a system of LVL Cholesterol which is sulphated by Sunlight. It gets converted to 25 hydroxy Vitamin D and then further transferred to 125 hydroxy Vitamin D in the kidney and liver. All this happens with Sunlight.

Vitamin D Supplements

Respected Neurosurgeon and Quantum Biologist, Dr Jack Kruse says, "Taking a Vitamin D pill is akin to hiring a gym trainer and asking them to do push-ups for you. When you take a pill for something that you make endogenously, it uncouples the positive and negative feedback loops. This is why primary care doctors find that when they place their patients on Vitamin D3 they fail to see results."

Sweden's Sun Exposure Studies

Ever since I was a child, skin cancer has been believed to be related to extensive UV exposure. New emerging data now clearly shows, low UV exposure/low vitamin D levels are related to increased mortality rates due to skin cancer. Hang on...did you just read that right? Yes you did! Low Sun exposure is linked to increased cause mortality including skin cancer!

"The mortality rate amongst avoiders of sun exposure was approximately twofold higher compared with the highest sun exposure group, resulting in excess mortality with a population attributable risk of 3%

In fact a lack of sun exposure is now being said to be equivalent to smoking cigarettes... Feel free to read the research attached below.

As a side note, someone close to me recently, who has practiced traditional 'Vietnamese' no sun practices all her life, recently had to have a melanoma removed from her face. Now why would that be?

Safe Sun Exposure

November 2020 last year I took myself off to FV Hospital and ordered a blood test for Vitamin D levels. After finding that I was in the low end (25ng/mL) of the Vitamin D scale, I proceeded to begin safe sun exposure. The first hour of sunlight has no UV. So if you are concerned about your skin colour getting darker or burning, it cannot occur during these times. So I get sun on my body and in my eye. (I'll share in a future post the importance of sun in the eye, mitochondrial health and an ability to sleep well). After 3 weeks I went back to FV and did the blood test again and I was now well into the range of what the hospital considers to be normal levels (20-50ng/mL)...Now being 37ng/mL My goal is 80ng/mL as a minimum and my skin being a little darker does not concern me, so I am now doing 20 minutes at midday during my lunch break as well. I will get tested soon to check the progress.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Analysis of vitamin D level among asymptomatic and critically ill COVID-19 patients and its correlation with inflammatory markers

Analysis of Vit D Levels
Download PDF • 1.07MB

Association of Vitamin D Status and Other Clinical Characteristics With COVID-19 Test Results

Vit D Levels Sars Cov2
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Download PDF • 339KB

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