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What's 'Airpod' All About?

AirPod Oxygen Therapy is a safe, non-medical wellness device that delivers a 35% increase in oxygen delivered under three pressure settings of 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 ATA.

(When using the Airpod at 1.3 ATA, you will experience the equivalent pressure to swimming 3 meters under water)

Under increased pressure, oxygen is dissolved into the blood plasma leading to higher amounts of oxygen being delivered to the body’s tissues, organs and brain to aid repair, regeneration and relaxation.

What Does It Feel Like?

As the Airpod is increasing in pressure, it is the same feeling and pressure change in your ears you experience when taking off in an aircraft. So you equalize the pressure within the ears in the same way. Once up to pressure, you feel nothing else other than a deep relaxation coming over your whole body. So much so, that many of our daily regular users take the opportunity to catch up on their sleep!

What To Expect With Regular Sessions?

The simplest way to answer this question is to share with you the journey of one of RESET's daily Airpod Clients. By the time the Israeli Science team came out with the world first research of true Age Reversal by lengthening the DNA Telomere in 60 year old subjects in November 2020 using Hyperbaric Pressure (1), we were seeing our own 1st hand results of Hyperbaric Age Reversal ... )

60 year old 'Ms X'

'Ms X' started using the Airpod Hydroxy at RESET Sofitel in July of 2020 with 2-3 sessions per week. By week 2, Ms X said she "felt something" but wasn't sure what it was, "but definitely something is different".

By the end of month 1 'Ms X' had explained her skin was changing for the better across her whole body. There were also age spots that were disappearing from her face and she reported her energy levels had significantly increased.

Going into month 2 Ms X revealed "I believe the hair on my her head is growing faster?" She revealed she had purchased books on what mild hyperbarics do to the body and increased her 60 minute Airpod Sessions from 3 per week to 5 sessions per week.

At the end of week 2 of month 2, (6 weeks total usage) she beckoned co-founder of RESET Ms Oanh Nguyen over to observe something on her head. As Ms Oanh drew closer 'Mrs X' lowered her head down and said "Hãy nhìn tóc của tôi" ..."look at my hair". She parted her hair with her fingers to reveal to Ms Oanh new baby hair growing across her whole head.

One month later (week 2 of month 3) and she beckoned Ms Oanh once more to reveal something even more surprising...her new hair and her existing hair had grown significantly longer now, not in the usual silver white grey, but now all hair was coming out dark grey in colour as if years younger.

As the Director of a very large organisation Ms X's, most valuable asset is time, yet increased all her session times to now everyday. Her energy levels are now off the charts.

(We'd like to think we had a little to do with this)

Renowned Actor and Fitness Lifestyle Personality Kim Ly' knew his 'Skin Secret' was out, when friends began asking "what are you doing differently?"

Airpod 'Hydroxy' (Molecular Hydrogen at RESET)

The Hydroxy (Airpod) is a safe, effective and innovative restorative therapy that delivers a combination of Oxygen and Hydrogen under three pressure settings of 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 ATA.

The AirPod Hydroxy takes the benefits of oxygen therapy to new levels. Hydrogen is at the forefront of scientific research and provides an exciting therapy for general wellness and most certainly Advanced Anti-Aging.

Why? Hydrogen has been shown to selectively target and scavenge toxic Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), or ‘free radicals’ assisting in the prevention of disease (2), degeneration and ageing resulting from body oxidation (rusting).

Airpod is available at RESET and available for purchase through Airpod Vietnam. AirPod Hydroxy has been awarded a 20 year global innovation patent.

*Stay tuned for our next post 'Molecular Hydrogen-cells behaving as if young'


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases telo
Download • 1.25MB


Molecular Hydrogen on ROS
Download PDF • 241KB

RESET Private Wellness Club, RESET Services & the RESET Website are not intended to advise, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. Always consult your Medical Practitioner for Health Advice.


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